Perfect Reads for Your Relationship Status

Ah, love. Whether you’re hopelessly in it with your partner, showing it and sharing it with your friends or, you know, just waiting around for something to happen, we’ve got books for you! To be clear, we always have books for you, but Valentine’s Day is this month and we love (pun totally intended) a theme. Read on for our favorite couple (we’ll be here all night, folks) of books to suit your relationship status. Continue reading

Love Notes: Valentine’s Day Calligraphy Lessons

This Valentine’s Day, write your love a handwritten note. Calligraphy is a beautiful and elegant way to express your love for that special someone in your life. Stop by one of our stores and pick up one of our calligraphy books to master your penmanship and your sweets’ heart.

Tweet or tag us on Instagram with pictures of your handmade love notes. Also, make sure to check out these books for more calligraphy inspiration. — Stephanie

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