Raising Backyard Chickens

It’s National Chicken Month and today we honor the well-loved bird. Chickens not only provide nutritious and delicious eggs but they are easy to take care of and make wonderful pets. Imagine stepping outside of your backdoor, being greeted by a flock of hens and returning to your house with handfuls of fresh eggs. Having backyard chickens is becoming an increasingly popular movement alongside farmers’ markets and urban gardening. Raising chickens in your own backyard helps connect you to your food source, offers a way to get back to nature, and provides a garden oasis from the urban surroundings. 

Below are some fun chicken facts and great books to get you started on your own flock of feathery friends.

Have you ever had a pet chicken or eaten a fresh backyard egg? We would love to hear your stories. Leave us a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter. – Stephanie

Stephanie is Art Director at Half Price Books Corporate (and proud chicken mama to Maple, Waffle and Sausage Patty, as pictured above — photos by Briana Wollman.) 

You can follow Stephanie on Twitter at @saltpepperpress.

Top 8 Cheesy Romance Titles

Cheddar? Pepper Jack? Asiago? Roquefort? I’m talking cheese, and any HPB bookseller’s day can instantly brighten at the sight of a choice cheesy romance title. Not to poke fun at a genre we love to sell (and, let’s be honest, it sells really well) but there are some interesting titles out there. Here are just a few favorites our employees have enjoyed shelving these last few months– and for the record, I can neither confirm nor deny I have read these.

Popular title knock offs: The Devil Wears Tartan or Eat, Prey, Love? How about Forbidden or For Bedding?

Here are a couple from some of our favorite romance subgenres:

Paranormal: Touch a Dark Wolf; Dead Girls Are Easy

Western: Long Hard Ride; The Cowboy Wants a Baby

Historical: The Very Virile Viking; What a Duke Wants

Urban: Every Thug Needs A Lady; Shame On It All: A Novel


Or, use some of these formulas to create your own:

Option One:

(Tamed/Taken/Claimed) by the (Tycoon/Sheik/Argentine Billionaire/Savage)

Simple circle one from Choice A and one from choice B. Easy as pie.

Option Two:

Combine three or more of the following in any order.

Something about the man: (Sheik, Billionaire, Boss, Prince, Italian, Tycoon)


Something about the woman: (Secretary, Virgin, Mistress, Bride, Assistant, Pregnant)


Something about their relationship: (Taken, Bought, Marriage, Convenient, Arrangement, Price)


Title-naming gold: The Sheik’s Marriage Arrangement. The Tycoon’s Taken Secretary. Bought: The Billionaire’s Bride. The Italian’s Pregnant Virgin. The Boss’ Convenient Mistress. The Price of the Prince’s Assistant.

And, my own creation, which includes a tagline: Pick Up Day: The Trash Collector Meets the Aging Heiress


Is there a job opening for romance title creators? Call me! Loving to read romance has never been so fun…or cheesy!

Any romance subgenres we’ve left out? We were going to include Amish Romance (in fact, a few of us are planning on starting an Amish Romance Book Club soon — our first title is The Englisher) but as you can see, Amish Romance titles are a touch more  . . . proper than other romance subgenre counterparts.

Any other titles you have browsed lately that you find worth sharing?

— Becky