Introducing: New HPB Exclusive Woodshoppe Items!

Established in 1984, the Half Price Books Woodshoppe’s work goes far beyond the store bookshelves that hold your next read. Not only do our beloved builders bring the kids’ section of your local Half Price Books to life with adorable themes, but they also produce every practical woodworked item in the stores, from desks to chairs and other fixtures.

That’s right, our Woodshoppe employees are practically superheroes. And now they’re using their mastery of all things lumber to craft cool items for you to take home.

As part of our HPB Exclusive line, The Woodshoppe presents an awesome assortment of handcrafted items designed to help booklovers who are looking to organize their homes or have a good time during game night.

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Meet the Bibliomaniac: The HPB Woodshoppe

It’s simple; you can’t sell books without something to put them on. That’s where the Half Price Books Woodshoppe comes in. With a staff of 11 employees, our Woodshoppe provides shelves and materials for all 125 HPB stores.

Established in 1984, the Woodshoppe’s work goes beyond a bookshelf that holds your next read. Shelves, counters and chairs are just a small portion of what is handmade at our 50,000 sq. ft. work space in Dallas, Texas. The Woodshoppe strives to stay true to our company mission. Be kind to the environment. Continue reading