Buy Guy Collections & Curiosities: When Brecah Met Harry

As a Half Price Books employee in the late 90s, Brecah started hearing a lot of buzz about a guy named Harry, and she wondered just who this fellow was. That’s where a love affair began—and has never ended.

Brecah has an ever-growing collection of all things Harry Potter: books (of course—some signed by author J.K. Rowling), movies, games, magazines, action figures and more.

I know a lot of our customers are just as fond of Harry as Brecah is, so in this, the third in our series of videos featuring our employees’ collections, Brecah shows us some of her treasures and lets us in on the magic spell of collecting Harry Potter.

We thank Brecah for sharing her Harry Potter collection with us. And to all of you HP (and HPB) fans out there, may Harry Potter books, movies and other delights continue to find their way from our shelves to yours! Fantastic Beasts hits theaters November 18.

Steve is the”Buy Guy” at Half Price Books Corporate.

Buy Guy Collections & Curiosities: Happy Birthday, Jerry!

It’s startling to think that the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia would’ve turned 74—yes, 74—this August 1! He’s been gone for more than twenty years, but Deadheads around the world will be celebrating his long, strange trip. HPB employee Don is one of them (we call him Don of the Dead), and he’s turned much of his home into a Grateful Dead shrine.

In the second in our series of videos featuring our employees’ collections—See the first one here, we recently visited with Don to see a few “high”-lights from his extensive collection.

We know Don will be busy this week rearranging his Dead souvenirs while he has the band cranked on the stereo. Although I’m not a Deadhead, I do have American Beauty on vinyl, and I’ll be giving it a spin!

Steve is the”Buy Guy” at Half Price Books Corporate.

Hit Pause for VCR Day

National VCR Day is June 7th, so it’s time to pull out your favorite VHS tapes and binge. (What—you don’t have any VHS tapes? Well, I know where you can get some—lots of ‘em—cheap!)

The VHS format, alas, has been pushed aside by DVD, Blu-ray and streaming formats, but we still keep a supply of them at HPB. And we found out that one of our very own, Dallas District Trainer Ben Jousan, is an avid collector. He even appears in the wonderful documentary about VHS, Rewind This!, from 2013. We recently got Ben to do a little show & tell for us, walking through some of his collection’s highlights with the Buy Guy. Check it out. (And you don’t have to rewind!)

I’ve got a pack of microwave popcorn and my clamshell-case copy of Swiss Family Robinson and am ready to celebrate!

Steve is the”Buy Guy” at Half Price Books Corporate.