Falling in Love with Barbara Delinsky

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new books to read and new authors to discover.  I will buy any book that looks interesting.  I will accept any book anyone wants to loan me. All in the pursuit of finding those authors who will inspire me to read to the last page, march straight into Half Price Books and buy every book they have ever written.  This summer, I found such an author.  Her name is Barbara Delinsky.
Now, my mother and father are both big readers. After my mother’s retirement this year, she started reading more, and the more she reads, the more books she starts giving to me. Buried in one of the bags she loaned me this summer was Coast Road by Barbara Delinsky.
Coast Road is a bittersweet love story about a divorced couple who still love each other.  In fact, the husband, Jack has no idea why the marriage ended in the first place and is quite bitter about it.  However, when the phone rings in the middle of the night and Jack finds out his ex-wife Rachel has been in a car accident and is in a coma, he drops everything to go to her side and take care of his two daughters.  Having to actually be both mother and father to the daughters he hasn’t spent a lot of time with in the last six years is challenging enough, but having to take care of his wife in the hospital,  while staying at her house, surrounded by her art, her scent and everything he had been trying to forget, challenges him to remember how they fell in love and helps him to realize where they went wrong. Also, he realizes how much he still loves her.  The only problem is she’s still in a coma.  Will she even give him a chance when she wakes up…if she wakes up?
Barbara Delinsky’s captivating plot line and easy-to-read writing style made me run right out and buy An Accidental Woman, which I just started yesterday, about a woman trying to prove her best friend is innocent of a crime, and the main character, Poppy Blake is a paraplegic.  Just another twist in the plot that makes up a Barbara Delinsky book.
Learn more about Barbara Delinsky at barbaradelinsky.com and look for her books at your local HPB.
So, what authors/books have you discovered lately?

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