Ending on a High Note: Celebrating 15 Seasons of American Idol

1000px-American_Idol_logo.svg.pngIn the summer of 2002, I was in high school, rocking spiky hair and a puka shell necklace while playing Snake on my lightning bolt face-plated Nokia 5110. Little did I know, FOX was about to change the face of American television, pop culture and the music industry. As a small-town girl from Burleson, Texas took the stage in front of the entire nation, a star was born, along with a franchise. This…was American Idol. And I was hooked.

On Thursday night, the confetti will rain down for the final time at the Dolby (formerly Kodak) Theatre. One talented singer will live on in history as the “bookend to Kelly Clarkson.” As a loyal fan throughout all 15 seasons, I must say that Idol’s departure leaves me with mixed emotions. Whether you’re an Idol super fan like me (I might have attended the Season 5 American Idols LIVE! tour) or you tuned out years ago, it’s hard to deny the impact this show has made. So, let’s take a look back at Idol’s legacy. Kieran, dim the lights, here we go… Continue reading