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Blog Editor, Culture

Third baseman for company softball team. Potluck-genius, insomniac-procrastinator and crafting-whiz. Inventor of the “Hey that’s my Boots!” CEO Paper Doll, the HPB Snuggie, braille t-shirt and Tacky BW Holiday Sweater.

Blog Editor, Community

PR maven, news junkie, baseball fanatic, late-night talk show watcher, frequent restaurant diner and former VH-1 reality show addict.

Blog Editor, Movies

Film buff and wanna-be chef. Who’s up for dinner and a movie?! Crouching Tiger stir-fry or Godfather spaghetti and a bottle of vino. Please, no talking or texting during the movie.

Blog Editor, Young Adult

Trivia hound, scrabble enthusiast and amateur etymologist, whose favorite word is defenestrate. Writes poetry and short stories. Likes: Disney, violent movies, and kittens. (Oh, come on. Who doesn’t like kittens?)

Blog Editor, Non-Fiction

Donned in an apron, baking pies and other tempting treats – there’s nothing desperate about this housewife. Loves travel, the great outdoors, classic films, indie music and non-fiction.

The Half Price Blog Team

HPB presents news, sale announcements, money-saving coupons, giveaways and loads more. Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to our RSS feed to get word about the latest happening at your favorite family-owned new and used bookstore.

Blog Contributors


Blog Contributor

Voracious reader, technology buff and aficionado of all things Apple, Bill believes in being a strong proponent in the support of literacy and safeguarding the environment.


Blog Contributor

Always armed with a book, camera, or violin. Sporadic localvore. Married to her best friend and mom to 2 turtles, 2 dogs, and a cat.


Blog Contributor

Jeff was once the second best foreign affairs columnist in a town with two of them. Spends days wondering why an HPB store in Honolulu is too much to ask.


Blog Contributor

The Buy Guy is a quarter-century-plus employee expert on all things books & music; his favorite buy involved hundreds of old theology books from the Mount St. Michael Convent hilltop library in Spokane, Washington.


Blog Contributor

Jim Swayze, the voice of HPB radio, is an avid reader, writer, musician and booklover.

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