Books Authors Read with Priya Krishna

Unsurprisingly, I read a lot of books about food. But I also love memoirs. And children’s books. And, strangely enough, accessible tomes on international politics. On the Noodle Road by Jen Lin-Liu  I love carbohydrates in all forms, and this is a book of back-to-back vivid descriptions of said carbohydrates in many varied, delicious forms. … Continue reading Books Authors Read with Priya Krishna

Books Authors Read with Philip Siegel

Young Adult author Philip Siegel stopped by the Dallas Flagship Half Price Books back in July as part of the Mighty Mississippi Book Blast tour and is one of the 12 fabulous authors featured in the 2015 Half Price Books – Books Authors Read calendar (which can be yours with a $30 HPB purchase! or bought for $2.99). Check out Philip’s suggestions and pick up your calendar today!

I’ve always had varied tastes in books. I love reading non-fiction as much as fast-paced YA fiction as much as sprawling general fiction. It’s good to diversify your reading, especially if you write, too. Soaking in those different author voices will help craft your own unique voice. Here are some books that I just plain LOVE, and if we ever meet in person, I’ll probably recommend them to you, too.

1) The Duff by Kody Keplinger. This book spoke to me, not just because I was (and let’s face it, still am) the fat friend. I love the mix of truthful writing, soapiness, romance, and humor in the writing. Keplinger’s books have a warm, lived-in aura to them that remind me of shows I used to watch on The WB growing up. (Dawson’s Creek, Felicity) I’ve made at least three of my friends read this novel, and whenever I’m asked for a YA recommendation, The Duff instantly comes to mind.

2) The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. I remember I found this book at a garage sale in high school and was so excited to read it. At the time, I had an obsession with the 80s and New York society. I had never read such a long book, nor such an adult book. The Bonfire of the Vanities is a searing and hilarious account of race and class in a pre-Giuliani New York. Tom Wolfe writes books with a journalistic eye, getting down every character tic and cultural detail. His books are sprawling epics that take you inside specific environments: New York in the 80s, Atlanta in the 90s, college campuses, Miami of the ‘10s. For me, a Tom Wolfe book is an event, not just because he only publishes about once a decade.