HPB Presents: Featured Collectibles Auction

Welcome to another exciting auction of rarities from the shelves of Half Price Books. This time around, we feature an original 1950’s horror movie poster, a collection of 10 sci-fi/horror classic tales from London, England and a monumental synthesis of Western Occult literature. Ready? Read on for more information!

Item #1: Rodan! The Flying Monster movie poster

Never a horror like it! When a quiet village in Japan is besieged by giant caterpillars, a blood-chilling discovery is made in their underground home…a terrifying giant winged creature that resembles the prehistoric pterodactyl. Soon the world finds out about this monster and goes on alert to await its attack! Scary!

Title: Rodan! The Flying Monster

Info: 22” x 28” movie poster, 1956

Condition: Very Good condition; Pin-holes to 4 corners, damp stain to bottom left corner, 1” tear to center fold.

Minimum bid: $50

Email your bid toatbg@halfpricebooks.com

Item #2: 10 Days of the Triffids!

When HPB bought 100,000 books from the Penguin archives in Bristol, England, several years ago, there were a number of editions of John Wyndham’s sci-fi/horror classic The Day of the Triffids included, and we now offer up for auction a selection of ten of them.

Penguin had acquired the publisher Michael Joseph in 1985. The archives included numerous foreign editions of the book, which was first published in 1951 by Michael Joseph. Our auction batch includes hardcovers from The Netherlands (De Triffids Komen..!), Spain (El Dia dels Trīfids, in Catalan!) and the Czech Republic (Den Trifidů). There are also editions in paperback from Sweden (Triffidernas Uppror); France (Les Triffides); Germany (Die Triffids); and Poland (Dzień Tryfidów).

Three are Penguin pocket paperbacks: a 1960 copy with the iconic orange-and-white cover design featuring a drawing of a triffid, based on sketches made by the author; a 1981 TV tie-in edition and a colorful 1988 edition.

Title: The Day of the Triffids
Author: John Wyndham
Info: Multiple editions
Condition: Good to Very Good condition (Dutch copy dust jacket is only Fair); most have Penguin Archives library markings and/or “File Copy” stamps.

Minimum bid: $75

Email your bid toatbg@halfpricebooks.com

Item #3: The Magus, Or Celestial Intelligencer; Being a Complete System of Occult Philosophy

Francis Barrett’s renowned and monumental synthesis of Western Occult literature includes sections on sorcery, alchemy, cabalistic magic, and summoning spirits, as well as biographical material on famous magi. This is the second (1875) edition of the original from 1801. With frontispiece and 22 plates; contemporary three-quarter vellum rebinding; gilt title to spine; marbled endpapers. Faithfully reproduced, this edition contains an additional (fifth) hand-colored plate, as opposed to the four in the original. These plates are exquisite depictions of various fallen angels.                     

Title: The Magus, Or Celestial Intelligencer; Being a Complete System of Occult Philosophy

Author: Francis Barrett

Info: Second edition, two volumes as one. Printed for Lackington, Allen & Company, 1875

Condition: Fine condition.

Minimum bid: $2,000

Email your bid toatbg@halfpricebooks.com

Bidding Information

The highest bid received for each offering by 5 p.m. CT on Saturday, October 24 wins! Bid on one, or bid on all. Bidders will have the opportunity to raise their bids. Shipping and payment will be arranged with the winning bidder via email once the auction has ended. International shipping not available. If two or more bids are received for the same amount, the item will go to the earliest bidder.

6 thoughts on “HPB Presents: Featured Collectibles Auction

  1. How are items submitted,I have a huge collection of entertainment memorabilia that music,signed posters,and t-shirts just to name some of the catagories.

  2. Hi! I am looking for a DVD entitled Baby Boom with Diane Keaton and Sam Shephered. Would you have this movie in stock, or could you find a copy and mail it to me? Thanks

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