HPB Presents: Featured Collectibles Auction

Welcome to another auction of rarities from the shelves of Half Price Books. Our previous auctions have been such a success that we’ve decided to share three more special collectibles. This round, we feature the work of two very different, but iconic American artists, plus a remarkable literary account of abolitionist history. Read on for more information on the bidding process!

Item #1: The Sad Book – R. Crumb

An early R. Crumb rarity— R. Crumb was a pioneer of underground comics, including the iconic Zap Comix, in the late sixties. At the same time he experimented in that realm, he also produced this odd little item for the American Greetings company. Crumb’s quirky style and sardonic humor were already there.

Title: The Sad Book Authors: Robert Crumb & John P. Gibbons Additional Info: First Edition. American Greetings Corporation, 1967 Condition: Very Good+ condition; no flaws, very light wear Minimum Bid: $250 Email your bid to: atbg@halfpricebooks.com

Item #2: This Is Ann: she’s dying to meet you.

Dr. Seuss does his bit for the war effort— This pamphlet was issued “by order of the Secretary of War” as a warning to soldiers to guard against malaria (“Ann” is an anopheles mosquito). Illustrations, uncredited, were provided by Dr. Seuss, while he was an Army Captain; text, uncredited, was by Munro Leaf, author of Ferdinand the Bull and also an active serviceman.

Title: This Is Ann: she’s dying to meet you. Author: Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss), illustrations, and Munro Leaf, text Additional Info: US Govt. Printing Office, 1943 Condition: Good condition: Moderate general wear, but intact, and illustrations are bright; notes written on back panel, probable by an enlisted man Minimum Bid: $400 Email your bid to: atbg@halfpricebooks.com

Item #3: The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom

An important piece of American history— We proudly present an extremely scarce copy of the first and probably only book to use the term “Underground Railroad” while it was still in operation. Reverend William M. Mitchell was an African-American abolitionist living in Canada when he wrote the book. He was unable to find an American publisher, so it was published in the UK. This historic work would be a high point in any American history collection.

Title: The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom Author: Rev. W.M. Mitchell Additional Info: Second Edition. London, William Tweedie, 1860 Condition: Good condition; foxing, rubbing Minimum Bid: $750 Email your bid to: atbg@halfpricebooks.com


The highest bids received for each offering by 5 p.m. CT on Friday, August 28 win! Bid on one, or bid on all. Bidders will have the opportunity to raise their bids. Shipping and payment will be arranged with the winning bidder via email once the auction has ended. International shipping not available. If two or more bids are received for the same amount, the item will go to the earliest bidder.

6 thoughts on “HPB Presents: Featured Collectibles Auction

  1. How are items submitted,I have a huge collection of entertainment memorabilia that music,signed posters,and t-shirts just to name some of the catagories.

  2. Hi! I am looking for a DVD entitled Baby Boom with Diane Keaton and Sam Shephered. Would you have this movie in stock, or could you find a copy and mail it to me? Thanks

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