Celebrating Wonderful Weirdos Day

Oddball, crackpot, nutcase, misfit or weirdo, no matter what you call them, they are the wacky, original characters that help us think outside the box, be true to ourselves and let’s face it, make life and literature so much fun. Since September 9 is Wonderful Weirdos Day, I have chosen some of my favorite weirdos from books and movies.


Marvin the Robot

Ed, the nonexistent but ontologically valid dog

How to Live Safely
Merricat Blackwood

We Have Always

Cassandra Mortmain

I capture the castle


Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands
Mr. Magorium

Mr. Magorium
Willie Wonka

Willie Wonka



And just so music lovers don’t feel left out here are a couple of my favorite weird songs:
Ponderous, by 2NU

You Can Call Me Al, by Paul Simon

So grab some of your oddball friends and head on over to your local HPB to check out these wonderful weirdos or, if you’re like me and are the resident nutcase among your friends, you can shop HPB.com to find other misfits just like us.

So, who’s your favorite wonderful weirdo in books, movies and music?

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