#HPBUniversity: Customer College Stories

Let’s face it. College can be tough. Those four years—or more—teach us just as many lessons about survival as they do about our major, and whether it’s late nights at the library or being down to that last pack of ramen, we all come out a little stronger in the end. In the spirit of reminiscing about our days in the dorms, we’ve taken to Facebook to ask about some of your favorite college memories. Check out our favorite responses below!


  • “Don’t sign up for that credit card just to get a free t-shirt.” — Eric B.
  • “You’re going to want to quit a few times. Don’t!” — Anita C. 
  • “Get involved in the clubs for your major/minor. Go to office hours, even if you don’t have a horrible problem. Build a relationship with your professors – you’re going to know them for four or more years and they are generally good people. Plus, they can be super helpful professionally.” — Ken O.
  • “Go to tutor sessions.” — Christopher D. 
  • “You need to do some cardio in the summer beforehand. I was dying walking across campus in the 15 mins I had.” — Myshell R.
  • “Stop trying to make Mom happy. It wont happen.” — Michelle S.
  • “Beware of the freshman 15! Those pounds are a real thing and hard to get rid of!” — Janet K.
  • “Branch out and meet more people in the dorm.” — Shalei B.
  • “You’re going to go through some hard time, but you’ll come through stronger and braver.” — Cassandra S.
  • “Take an intramural sport that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. I had a lot of fun doing sports I wanted to try in high school but just never felt good enough to do.” — Alanna L.


  • “You suddenly remember an hour before class, you need blue books.” — Mindy G.
  • “You have invented dishes out of whatever food you have available, and the condiments in your fridge are mostly single servings from an extra grab at places crazy enough to just leave that stuff out!” — Sonar W.
  • “You are studying way after midnight for tests and drinking loads of coffee just to stay awake.” — Mikayla P.
  • “If you’re in college? LOL.” — Melissa J. 
    “You’ve written a check for less than $1.00 (maybe that was a “you know you’re a college student from the 80s/90s).” — Becky G.
  • “It’s 3am, you have 229 words down, need 1,271 more to go, have a fever, are on your 6th cup of coffee, don’t want to go to sleep because you’re worried you’ll forget what you want to write, and you hate yourself just a little.  Too specific?” — Maria R.

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