Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program Check-In

fyb-thumbnailWe’re about halfway through our summer reading program, Feed Your Brain®! Summer is an important time for your little ones to keep reading and improving their language skills. Children who don’t read regularly during the summer may be in danger of the “summer slide,” a decline in their reading ability. This decline can have major repercussions as students get older and advance through the school system. But don’t fret! Avoiding the “summer slide” is easy. Just Feed Your Brain all summer long with fun and interesting books from Half Price Books!

Kids 14 & Under
Kids 14 and under can participate in the Feed Your Brain® program by picking up a reading log at your local Half Price Books or downloading a copy online. Children are encouraged to read at least 15 minutes each day. A parent reading to young children does count as part of reading at least 15 minutes each day. Once your child has read 300 minutes, stop by your local Half Price Books to turn in your completed log and earn $5 Bookworm Bucks in both June and July. You can then use these Bookworm Bucks to purchase even more books! We love seeing children reading and hope that this incentive program not only encourages them to read in the summer but also helps you create your own little library full of purchases from your local Half Price Books.

In recent years, we have expanded the Feed Your Brain® program to include teens (after all, why should kids have all the fun?)! For this portion of the program, we challenge teens to write and submit a review online about one of the books they read this summer. We’ll then email you a barcode to show at your local Half Price Books, which will earn you $5 Bookworm Bucks!

Our Picks
In anticipation of the 20th anniversary editions of the Harry Potter series, this year’s Feed Your Brain® program has a magical theme! To help kids figure out what to read to earn Bookworm Bucks, we’ve created a list of magically-themed books for Preschoolers, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8 and Teens! Each of these groupings has a list of wonderful books to keep kids enthralled with reading all summer long.

Just in case the book selections aren’t enough to keep your kids entertained, we’ve included some fun printables in our Feed Your Brain® program. These include alphabet tracing worksheets, lists of books every child should read, coloring sheets and even a Feed Your Brain reading reward certificate. The reading logs can also be found in the printables section, in case you can’t make it to your local Half Price Books to grab one.

Reading Tips
Need help getting kids into reading this summer? Here are some great tips.

  • Help with Mealtime. Read the recipe in the cookbook or the instructions on the box.
  • Be Your Family’s Tour Guide. Find a book or a magazine about the place you and your family are going on vacation!
  • Ask To Stay Up Late. Your folks might let you stay up 15 minutes later if you spend the time reading!
  • Discover What You Like. Look for stories that are interesting to you or are about things you like to do.

1,452,600. minutes That’s 1008.75 days, or 2.7 years! And our teens have written 400 reviews. Remember: Slay dragons. Ride broomsticks. Unlock portals. Cast spells. Feed Your Brain® and fuel the power of your imagination all summer long!

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