If You Liked The Tournament of Mysteries, You Might Also Like…

I am a total book nerd, and I love lists. So, when I was told Half Price Books was having a Tournament of Mysteries as part of Mystery Madness, I set out to read all the books on the bracket, in order to vote for the right book with each pairing. Now that I have read all the mystery books in the tournament, I solve the mystery of what I’m going to read next. Here’s a list of similar books for myself and other book nerds like me who never want Mystery Madness to end.

SherlockIf you liked Sherlock Holmes: The Novels, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

AndThenThereWereNoneIf you liked And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie:

NameOfTheRoseIf you liked The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco:

OneForTheMoneyIf you liked One for the Money, by Janet Evanovich

aforalibiIf you liked A is for Alibi, by Sue Grafton

GirlWithADragonTattooIf you liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson

GreatDeliveranceIf you liked A Great Deliverance, by Elizabeth George

TheSpyWhoCameInIf you liked The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, by John le Carré

KillingFloorIf you liked Killing Floor, by Lee Child

EyeOfTheNeedleIf you liked Eye of the Needle, by Ken Follett

TheFirmIf you liked, The Firm, by John Grisham

PresumedInnocentIf you liked Presumed Innocent, by Scott Turow

BoneCollectorIf you liked The Bone Collector, by Jeffery Deaver

SharpObjectsIf you liked Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

UnsuitableJobIf you liked An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, by P.D. James

RebeccaIf you liked Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I hope you have solved the mystery of what to read next. As for me, I’m off to my local Half Price Books to look for Body Movers, The Lions of Lucerne, The Jury Master and Whose Body. I may pick up another Lyndley or Reacher book as well. What about you?

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