Celebrating Boss’s Day Like a BOSS!

Each year on October 16, workers in the United States and a few other countries take time to thank their employers. Created by Illinois secretary Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958, Boss’s Day will be observed for the 60th time next year. The goal in creating Boss’s Day was to strengthen the relationship between a manager and his/her employees.

To celebrate Boss’s Day, here’s a look at some of our favorite fictional bosses. While they’re not all necessarily the best bosses, they’re certainly some of the most memorable.

BurnsThe SimpsonsBurnsMichael ScottThe Officethe office

Tony SopranoThe Sopranossopranos

Captain Kirk—Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek franchisestar trek

Miranda PriestleyThe Devil Wears Pradaprada

Franklin Hart, Jr.9 to 59to5

Bill LumberghOffice Spaceoffice space

The Chief—The Carmen Sandiego television series and gamesthe chief

M—Ian Fleming’s James Bond franchisebond

Gordon GekkoWall Streetwall street

For those of you in the working world, take a moment today to acknowledge your boss and his/her contributions to the workplace. And if you’re self-employed, take today to…

parks and rec

Oh, and did we forget anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

Jason is the Email Coordinator at Half Price Books Corporate.

One thought on “Celebrating Boss’s Day Like a BOSS!

  1. “Bachelor Mother” – Ginger Rogers and David Niven (his first starring role).
    Niven plays a department store owner who falls in love with a clerk. Niven’s “father” is even better as the founder of the store.

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