Life’s a Treasure Hunt…and so is Half Price Books!

Part of the beauty of shopping at Half Price Books is finding things you didn’t even know you needed…or existed! Golden Girls puzzle? Please and thank you… for being a friend! KFC promotional Christmas vinyl? Finger-licking YES! Star Trek Enterprise cordless phone? Beam me UP! (Yes, these are real items we’ve seen in our stores at one time or another…)

So when we set out to build our new website, the all-new, we wanted to inject some of the “treasure hunt” factor that you get from a visit to your local HPB into the online shopping experience. Which is why we created “Quirky Tags.” Maybe you don’t know what to read, watch or listen to next, but you know what you’re feeling at the moment. Quirky Tags are curated lists of themed products that are hand-selected by our very own HPB bibliomaniacs. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! You can find Quirky Tags scattered throughout, but in case you’re more of the “instant gratification” type, take a look at some of our favorites:

  1. Aliens Among Us – for when you need a… close encounter.
  2. Amazing Plot Twists – for when you just did not see that coming.
  3. Auld Lang Syne – for when it’s hard to say goodbye.
  4. Best Friends in Love – for when you have all the feels.
  5. Dysfunctional Families – for when you need to know you’re not the only one.
  6. Epic Quests – for when the journey is the reward, not the destination.
  7. Hair-Raisers & Spine-Tinglers – for when you’re scared silly.
  8. Retold Classics – for when you want a fresh take on an old favorite.
  9. Road Trip Musts – for when the road ahead lies in wait.
  10. Stranger Than Fiction – for when real life proves to be all too real.

These are just some of the gems you’ll find throughout the all-new Happy hunting… and stay quirky!

Jason is the Email Coordinator at Half Price Books Corporate.

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