Stuck in the Middle: Celebrating the Best Middle Children in Books, Movies and TV

Hey there middle children of the world! August 12th is Middle Child Day, and we want to celebrate with you by listing some of our favorite middle children from books, movies and TV shows! That’s right middle siblings, you haven’t been forgotten. Read on to discover some of the funniest, strongest and sweetest middle children you’ll have the pleasure of getting to know!

Fred & George Weasley from the Harry Potter series
Of course we have to start the list with these two. Everyone’s favorite set of twins (and overall favorite Weasleys) are middle children who show us all how to rock the middle child role. Between stressing their mother out, playing pranks on their other siblings and bringing laughter into an occasionally-dark series, Fred and George are a perfect example of why middle children rock. As middle children, they are definitely scene stealers. Remember their final prank at Hogwarts? Yes, it fills us with fondness too.

weasley twins

Dawn Weiner from Welcome to the Dollhouse
The entire movie Welcome to the Dollhouse is based around that stereotypical middle child syndrome. But we appreciate what an awesome middle child Dawn Weiner is! This low budget, independently produced film speaks to the feelings of being a pre-teen outcast and is unfortunately relatable for many middle children. Dealing with issues with a wry humor, Dawn has become a cult favorite middle child who represents all of us exasperated with life in general.


Laura Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie series
There aren’t many middle children who can beat Laura Ingalls out for the role! Laura Ingalls is a fantastic example of a middle child who has a great relationship with her siblings.  The first book in the series, Little House in the Big Woods, begins when the youngest Ingalls sister is just a baby, making the focus on the book on Laura’s life. Essentially the series begins with Laura beginning her role as middle child and goes from there.  Much of the series is centered on Laura’s development and growth, which we can all appreciate.


Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  series
Will Smith might be the star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but we all know the heart of the show was Carlton. While both preppy and practical, Carlton’s voice of reason often brought balance to an otherwise tumultuous family. In between ditzy older sister Hilary and naïve younger sister Ashley, Carlton became the champion for middle children everywhere. Besides, Carlton’s such an awesome example, he even has his own dance.


Jo March from Little Women
The principal character of this book, Jo March is a strong sister who is hot-tempered and active. As the second oldest, she shares the title of middle child but she works the role admirably. Her love for her siblings is evident throughout the novel, and her journey to discover balance is definitely relatable. Jo March is essentially a stand-in for the author Louisa May Alcott, who was also one of four sisters. The four March sisters are extremely close, but their relationships are varied and complex, making this story an exploration of the middle child role and what it means to be both elder sister and younger sister. What a great sister she is!

little women

Stephanie Tanner from the Full House series
Who else but the middle child would have the coolest catchphrase? If you think D.J. or Michelle are cooler, all I have to say is “How rude!” For a while in the show, Michelle was just a baby or a toddler and couldn’t contribute much to the show. It was Stephanie who developed the show as the little sister and older sister combined. Spunky, relatable, funny and sweet, she’s a flawed person who is willing  to take risks. Watching her grow up on Full House made us all wish we were the middle child!

How rude

Do you feel like we missed out on your favorite middle child? Comment below with your favorite and tell us why you love them!

Katy is the Promotions Coordinator at Half Price Books Corporate.

3 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle: Celebrating the Best Middle Children in Books, Movies and TV

  1. You forgot about Jan & Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch. They always got over shadowed by their older siblings Marcia & Greg as well as did not get as cute parts as Cindy & Bobby. However, the Brady’s did address this subject to highlight both Jan & Peter as well. Jan with her dark curly hair and Peter with his special solos when his voice was cracking. Good family TV with lessons to be learned for everyone!

  2. What about Greg from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series? My middle son Ethan has the whole collection that he reads over n over, he relates to Greg as the middle child with an older brother and baby brother!

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