Let’s Get Binge Reading!: #SummerBookBinge

At Half Price Books, true booklovers never take a break, even in the summer. While all the kids are feeding their brains, we’re sending teens on a  #SUMMERBOOKBINGE!

“What’s a book binge,” you ask?!

It’s only the most exciting summer teen reading program around!  Join HPB and our friends at Penguin Teen on our Feed Your Brain Summer #SUMMERBOOKBINGE. Read a favorite! Start a series! Write a review! Let’s make binge-reading a THING! One book is a success, but read two and we are officially making you part of this summer’s #SUMMERBOOKBINGE.

The Penguin Teen selections for the summer reading #SUMMERBOOKBINGE this year are from some of our favorite authors. So will you read just two? Or are you going to binge-read like the rest of us?


Srsly, everything he writes is pure gold, am I right? He rips into our hearts and has us feeling REAL feels. Have you read them all? Grab your sunshades, your beach towel and a tissue or two and read them again!


Intrigue? Romance? Curses? The Rose & the Dagger has all these things. Jump into the deep end of teen fantasy fiction as Ahdieh continues where she left The Wrath and the Dawn series. Will Shazi be able to evade enemies and end the brewing war? You’ve gotta read it to find out!

rebel of the sand

Oh hey, Alwyn, thanks for giving us something we CAN’T FRIGGIN’ PUT DOWN. Good thing we have a summer vacation to devote giant chunks of our time to this Middle-Eastern historical fantasy. Hamilton’s debut book (and first in her series) centers around Amani, a compassionate yet headstrong lead character. Oh, p.s., guys, um- MAGIC HORSES.



What would we do without you? A series so nice, we are recommending it twice. (I mean, the first two in The Young Elites series, that is). So, Adelina, guys. She survived a deadly illness, she’s now part of a secret society sought out by the king for total desolation, oh, and she has powers and a deep desire to destroy all who cross her. NBD. A heroine and a killer? And we are totally pulling for her? Or are we? AGH! BINGE ALERT RATING: HIGH++ Expect sleepless nights!  And when you finish the first, you’re in luck because the second is also on our list!

the glittering court

The Glittering Court is a high-class finishing school for poor girls. Our lead, Adelaide, a young countess, pulls a little Prince and the Pauper trick to get out of an arranged marriage and lands herself in the Glittering Court. She does well, obvs (she’s coming from high-society after all), but every secret identity seems to get discovered, doesn’t it? A little fantasy, a little romance. We’re in!


Zodiac is the first of Russell’s series set in a galaxy inspired by astrological signs. That’s right, we said it, there is star stuff! Rho, our unassuming protagonist suddenly becomes guardian of her home planet. The future of civilization seems to be written in the stars and Rho and her star-squad have to travel across the galaxy warning the other worlds’ guardians. Sci-fi. Fantasy. A perfect book for summer night reading under the… moon. You thought I was going to say “stars” didn’t you?

the last star

Well, fancy meeting you on our #SUMMERBOOKBINGE, Mr. Yancey. What a surprise. Yeah, we know that The Last Star is the third and final book in The 5th Wave series. But we know so many of you have read the first two (OH YOU HAVEN’T? GO DO THAT NOW, we’ll wait…).

Now that we are all on the same page (PUN INTENDED), this finale wraps up the series as only Rick Yancey can, with action -and adventure -and suspense -and oh geez, my palms are sweating again.

Intense, yet still humorous and snarky, we are left satisfied and, dare I say it, heartbroken. It is worth it. The 5th Wave series is total class A, gold-star binge-tastic. Add it to your list, pronto.

Have we gotten you off to a good start with some great summer reading suggestions? I hope so!  Now for the #SUMMERBOOKBINGE deets, here is the HOW TO:

  • Read a select Penguin Teen title from our suggested list or a book of your choosing!
  • Visit com/fyb to get to the Teen Feed Your Brain review form.
  • Take a few seconds to fill out your review.
  • Once you finish your quick review and get your reward, print it out or show it on your mobile device in store to get your Bookworm Bucks.
  • Keep on binging! You can get up to two rewards: one in June and one in July.

PLUS, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can see what you are reading: @halfpricebooks #SUMMERBOOKBINGE.

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