Biographies of Heroic Lives (Rarest of Rare Collectibles)

It’s Biography Week, which is a good time to read about the life of someone exceptional, someone notable for doing something heroic. (I also thoroughly enjoy reading about the lives of drunk musicians, hideous parents and reprehensible scofflaws, but we’ll save those for another occasion.)

We feature three fine editions of books that contain the stories of people who inspired other people.

Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue with Today’s Youth by Rosa Parks
Lee & Low, 1996. First Edition, signed by Rosa Parks!

This is not, strictly speaking, a biography or memoir, but in her responses to questions from young people, Ms. Parks relates her experiences as a key figure in the civil rights movement from her initial 1955 bus protest on and how those experiences shaped her life. Her bold action taken on a bus in Montgomery not only inspired legions to join the civil rights movement, but it also continues to inspire Americans both young and old.

This book, signed and dated 11/24/96 by the great American icon, is priced at $250.

John F. Kennedy and PT-109 by Richard Tregaskis
Landmark Books (Random House), 1962.

This book for young readers, #99 in the popular Landmark series, is the story of Kennedy before he was President. As skipper of a PT boat that came under attack, he helped rescue several crewmen and became a hero of World War II. I know I thought it was pretty riveting when I read it as a kid.

The book contains twelve photos. Its dust jacket has some chipping on the edges and small pieces missing from the upper and lower spine, but overall it looks very nice. There’s an owner inscription on the book’s title page. Its price is $20.

MuhammadMuhammad Ali: His Life and Times by Thomas Hauser
Easton Press, 1996. Limited edition, signed by Muhammad Ali and Thomas Hauser

Muhammad Ali was designated by Sports Illustrated the “Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century.” He was a celebrity who transcended his field of expertise and became a symbol of strength and courage. He courted controversy by changing his given name, Cassius Clay, to a Muslim name and by being a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, but he emerged as a beloved icon around the world.

This copy is number 1,776 of 3,500 printed, in red leather with decorative borders on the spine and front cover, in Fine condition—priced at $750.

Interested in purchasing any of these items? Contact the Buy Guy!

Steve is the”Buy Guy” at Half Price Books Corporate.

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