Celebrate Science Fiction Day and Asimov’s Birthday: Rarest of Rare Collectibles

Isaac Asimov’s exact birthdate is not known, but Isaac celebrated it on January 2nd, so that’s the “official” date. It also has been made Science Fiction Day in honor of this prolific writer who is considered one of the Big Three in the sci-fi genre. (The other two are Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke—no slouches, but they didn’t get Science Fiction Day on their birthdays.)

Asimov wrote more than 400 books and won the Hugo Award four times and the Nebula Award once. He wrote several series of books, notably the Foundation series, but also the Robot and Empire series, and, as Paul French, the Lucky Starr series for younger readers. He wrote numerous short stories, popular science nonfiction books and articles and provided the name and editorials, beginning in 1977, for Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. Busy guy!

Our Fort Wayne, Indiana, store has a 1986 Easton Press leather-bound edition of Isaac Asimov’s The Gods Themselves. This science fiction standalone classic was originally published in 1972 and won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for Best Novel. This copy is in Very Good condition, with a minor bump on the top right corner. Its price is $45. If you’re interested in purchasing this book, contact The Buy Guy!godsthemselvesCheck out this Easton Press edition of a science fiction classic A Fisherman of the Inland Sea by Ursula LeGuin, listed by our Huebner Road store in San Antonio:

Want more Asimov? Our stores around the country have Isaac Asimov first and special editions listed on the Rare Finds of the all-new HPB.com. Plus, there are many more science fiction collectibles by other authors listed there, too!


Rarely-Known Trivia
Polymath—Asimov was not only a writer of great output; he was a writer of great variety. His books are catalogued in nine of the ten main Dewey Decimal System categories.

Movie Musical?—One creative sphere Asimov didn’t conquer was the movie musical, but you may be surprised to learn, he did give it a try. Paul McCartney approached him in 1974 to request that he write the screenplay for a musical featuring a rock band (based on Paul’s band Wings). Asimov gave it a shot, but McCartney backed out of the project.

“Against stupidity…”—The title The Gods Themselves comes from a line in an 1801 play, The Maid of Orleans, by Friedrich Schiller: “Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”

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