Music Meant for Vinyl

Before there was Record Store Day there was National Vinyl Record Day, a day to celebrate the flat disc with grooves.  The following is a small sampling of titles now in stores or soon to be released that just sound amazing playing from vinyl, even with the occasional surface noise.

Prince-Purple Rain (180gm)- $24.98
I was there, across Reunion Arena in Dallas.  It didn’t matter where you sat.  He was electric, shifting from bathtub with a microphone to stage with a guitar.  We counted down to the New Year, after which he sang Auld Lang Syne and THEN ended the night with Purple Rain. Masterful musician, memorable night.


purple rain

This re-release features all original packaging with 180gm vinyl, mastered from the original analog master tapes.

Pink Floyd-The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (180gm)- $24.98
Pink Floyd 1

Twenty years before I saw what was left of Pink Floyd at Reunion Arena, Syd Barrett led the band to record their first album, the seminal psychedelic rock “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”. Catchy, imaginative, vivid, creepy, lovely. They added guitarist David Gilmour for the second record, a transition to the more ethereal and recognizable Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd-A Saucerful of Secrets (180gm)- $27.98
It’s nice to have seen Pink Floyd in 1987 but even better to listen to these long awaited re-released, remastered from the analog tapes and pressed on 180gm vinyl.  Pink Floyd Records did them right.  Put on the headphones and relax. Now if they’d just give us the Mono versions.

Pink Floyd 2


Ghostbusters- Original Soundtrack (1984)- 17.99  and Ghostbusters- Original Soundtrack (2016)- 17.99
Nothing typifies the Vinyl Record in the 80s like the Original Ghostbusters Original Motion Picture Soundtrack!  It was right around the time CDs were emerging but not yet the norm.  It seemed like all LPs had 10 songs, no more or less.  This Vinyl is that:  Drop needle, play 5 fun songs, flip and repeat.

ghostbustersghostbusters 2

The 2016 version has 14 songs!  Less flip, more fun?  You be the judge.

My plan:

  1. Watch the 1984 version, spin the 1984 vinyl.
  2. Go see the new Ghostbusters movie, wait for the 2016 Soundtrack to hit our stores at the end of August. (Walk the Moon kicks off the record with a spirited redux of the theme!)

Jack White-Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 – 29.99
Jack White’s musical approach has always been a nod to the past.  From blues found on 78s to Led Zeppelin, this former White Stripe and Raconteur borrows licks from the best and simply embodies analog grit.

Jack White

I can’t wait for this.  Double 180gm Vinyl out September 9th.

James is the Director of Acquisitions at Half Price Books Corporate





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