You Know You’re a Booklover When…

A true booklover knows that National Book Lovers Day is every day, but to the rest of the world, it’s celebrated on August 9.  Now, we booklovers are guilty of doing things that might seem pretty strange to others, but we’re too busy with our nose between the pages to care.

We asked you guys (the HPB booklovers) on Facebook what your bookish quirks are. Here are some of the top answers and our favorite responses.


You spend your lunch break reading instead of eating.
You don’t need no stinking food! Well…maybe a little bit, but at least you’re feeding your brain with the sweet, sweet nectar of the newest bestseller.

Booklovers 1

Spreadsheets and lists are your new BFF.
It ain’t easy keeping all your book business in order. Books you’ve read, books you want to read, books you own…you know, so you don’t buy To Kill a Mockingbird for the millionth time. In the words of DJ Khaled…

booklovers 11

You stay up late reading.
You won’t be able to sleep if you don’t find out what happens to your favorite character. And you never regret it in the morning.

booklovers 2

You love the smell of books.
*sniff* *sniff*

booklovers 7

You have books EVERYWHERE!
They’re all over the house, in the car, in your bag. You’re literally never without one.

booklovers 6

You call in sick so you can read all day.
:cough: Um yes, hello boss!? I’ve got a case of tuBOOKulosis. :cough:

booklovers 10

You associate major life events with the book you were reading at the time.
The Girl on the Train = Granny’s 80th birthday. Divergent = big sister’s wedding. A Man Called Ove = bought a new car. How else are you supposed to remember these things?

booklovers 12

You can’t walk past a bookstore without going in.
Just a quick browse around won’t hurt right? :walks out 2 hours later with only 5 books:

booklovers 9

You buy books before clothes.
Do you really need a new shirt for that date next week or would you rather have that signed Neil Gaiman that just came in? If anything, your date will be impressed by your love of reading.

booklovers 8

You just love books, period.
Plain and simple. The look, the feel, the stories they tell…there’s no other feeling in the world like reading a new book for the first time and absolutely loving it!

booklovers 5

So, what quirky things do you do as a booklover?

Happy Book Lovers Day, everyone! Happy reading, today and every day.

Sam is Public Relations Coordinator at Half Price Books Corporate.




2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Booklover When…

  1. You know you are a book lover when you marry, combine your libraries, and don’t get rid of the duplicates because they are different editions!
    True story!

  2. When you just can’t say no to your kids when their book purchase exceeds the amount you told them they could spend because you’re so happy they love reading books, too!

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