Stories at the Speed of Life

James Patterson has just released a series of books called BookShots, which are a variety of books approximately 100-150 pages long that the average booklover should be able to finish in just a few hours. Excited? I was. Being a busy booklover, I know the frustration of having to set down a good book because real life intrudes, but with these BookShots I was able to read a good story from cover to cover during one sitting. (Actually, there were three of them, so three sittings.)  The only problem was that when I was finished, I was ready for more.

Cross Kill, by James Patterson was the first BookShot I read.  In only 113 pages, the reader is launched into an impossible mystery, as Alex Cross investigates the shooting of his own partner, John Sampson. However, all evidence leads to a man that Cross watched die more than ten years ago, Gary Soneji. Has Soneji risen from the grave?  Will Sampson survive?  Will Cross?  I’m not going to tell you—just know that nothing will prepare you for the end of this book.

IMG_5069Zoo 2, by James Patterson with Max DiLallo was the BookShot I read next.  The 146-page thriller gripped me on the first page and by the end I was gasping for breath.  Oz and his wife Chloe have once again been drawn into helping the government discover a solution for why all animals have been viciously attacking humans.  The government says that this time science not military strategy will lead the way.  What they didn’t say was that whatever has infected the animals has evolved, and humans are now being affected.  Will Oz find a cure before it’s too late?  I won’t say, but I will say that the last sentence gave me nightmares.

IMG_5070Learning to Ride, by Erin Knightly was the last BookShot I read this weekend. This 128-page romance was not written by James Patterson, but is included in his “James Patterson’s BookShots Flames” series.  Honestly, after Cross Kill and Zoo 2, I was ready for a love story, and it didn’t hurt that one of the main characters was a cowboy.  Tanner Callen, rodeo star and hometown celebrity, was not looking for a long-term relationship, so he thought flirting with New York businesswoman Madeline Harper was a safe bet.  After a life full of risk-taking, he should have known better.  I ended the weekend with a smile on my face, as I’m a sucker for true love. Learning to Ride makes it debut in July.

No matter what you love to read or how busy your schedule,  James Patterson’s BookShots will have a story for you . Visit your local Half Price Books to see what BookShots are available, and happy reading.

Julie is Traffic Manager at Half Price Books Corporate.
You may follow her on Twitter at @auntjewey.

2 thoughts on “Stories at the Speed of Life

  1. This was very interesting. I did not know about Bookshots. I have been reading more Romance than my old favorite, Mysteries, because they are shorter and have happy endings or endings that make the story stand out. I will try to get your Face Book connection, and check my blog site, since it appears that you are on too.
    Thank you for all of this information.

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