Books Can Take You Places (Off the Beaten Path): Atlanta

This year’s HPB calendar is full of recommendations for every booklover, audiophile and movie buff. Unfortunately, we could only feature 12 different cities in our 126fireworkscalendar, and there are so many more places with rich literary and musical heritages available for you to visit. Half Price Books is venturing into it’s 17th state and we’re excited to be opening our newest store in the Atlanta,Georgia area, so of course, we had to add it to our Books Can Take You Places series.

Atlanta is not only a beautiful place, but has also been the home of some great novelists, including Margaret Mitchell, Joel Chandler Harris and Flannery O’Connor as well as inspiration for several other novelists, screenwriters and composers.  If you are in the Atlanta area, we would like to invite you to come to the Great Opening of our East Cobb store on May 26. For those outside the area, here are a few ways to experience Atlanta without ever leaving home.


book Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell (along with the its two sequels: Rhett Butler’s People, by Donald McCaig & Scarlett, by Alexandra Ripley) • book Peachtree Road, by Anne Rivers Siddons • book Ace in the Hole, by George R.R. Martin • book The Hour of Dust and Ashes, by Kelly Gay • book Them: A Novel, by Nathan McCall• slate_film-512 Life as We Know Itslate_film-512 Beauty Shop slate_film-512 No Good Deedslate_film-512 Parental Guidanceslate_film-512 Wanderlustslate_film-512  Driving Miss Daisyslate_film-512  Drumline music-note-21 Love Shack, by the B-52s • music-note-21 Neon, Rooms for Squares by John Mayer • music-note-21Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, by OutKast • music-note-21  Hot ‘Lanta, At Filemore East by The Allman Brothers • music-note-21 Atlanta, No. 4 by Stone Temple Pilots

We wish the best of luck to the staff at our new East Cobb store, and look forward to coming to Decatur, GA late summer. Tell us what other cities you would like to see featured in our Books Can Take You Places: Off the Beaten Path.

Julie is Traffic Manager at Half Price Books Corporate.
You may follow her on Twitter at @auntjewey.

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