Enjoy an LP, and Thank Mr. Edison!

We’ve come a long way since Thomas Alva Edison recited “Mary Had a Little Lamb” into the mouthpiece of his newly invented phonograph machine in late 1877. On February 19, 1878, his phonograph was patented, and, after many twists and turns (uh, revolutions), the vinyl record, pretty much as we know it today, became the most popular format from the late 1940s until the CD came along in the 1980s. And now vinyl is back! Our stores around the country never got out of the record business, and our LP inventory is better than ever.

If you’re a record-lover LP collector or just an enthusiastic neophyte, we’d love to hear from you! Share with us on social using #halfpricebooks and post a photo of your favorite LP with a brief note about why you just have to have this particular album on vinyl.

I’ll start it off. I’m a longtime LP-lover—if not a hardcore collector. It’s hard to pick one favorite among the LPs I own, but a contender would be Belafonte at Carnegie Hall (1959).

This is my treasured replacement copy of the first album I ever owned. My brother and I wore it out.

We’d also like to mark the phonograph patent anniversary by featuring a couple of special LPs our stores have just added to their stock.

This box set with 14 LPs is the Japanese release located at the Firewheel store in Garland, TX. It’s in beautiful condition with its certificate of authenticity. You won’t find a better set to commemorate The Beatles’ work. Only one set available. To purchase, contact the Buy Guy. $1,000 plus tax.


Our Fort Wayne, Indiana, store is offering a high-end recording of Abbey Road. It’s the 1979 pressing on Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab/Capitol, a remastered edition of the 1969 album, taken from the original master recording. It was Mobile Fidelity’s first Beatles release. Their copy is in Near Mint condition and is priced $55.


And if you want a treasure by a different Fab Four, our Flagship store has a copy of The Ramones’ Rocket to Russiasigned by the original band members—for $300.

ramones signed

If you’re interested in finding out more about either of these LPs, contact the Buy Guy.

And let us hear from you: Show us on social using #halfpricebooks, the LP you most prize and tell us why it’s essential to your collection!


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