Think Outside the Apple: 5 Great Gifts to Thank an Educator

Today through Monday, Half Price Books is celebrating our annual Educator Appreciation Weekend. We show our thanks to teachers, librarians and other educators nationwide by offering 20% off anything in the store all weekend long with proof of educator status. Plus, teachers can sign up for the Educator Discount Card, which offers educators 10% off their purchase year-round.

Having teachers on the brain got me thinking about all the great teachers I had over the years growing up (including my own father!). Educators are some of the hardest-working professionals around, and I bet each one of you can name at least one man or woman who made an impact on your life within the classroom, even if you didn’t realize it at that time. It can be difficult to truly thank these mentors, but sometimes the smallest gesture can say the most.

The National PTA’s “Teacher Appreciation Week” is at the end of the school year, but why wait until then to show your gratitude? I’ve rounded up some great gift ideas to brighten your favorite teacher’s day, none of which have an expiration date.

1. Quirky Mugs — Coffee is a must for any educator, and a mug is a fun way for them to show some personality. HPB has mugs galore! Pictured here are two of my favorites: an equations mug that’s perfect for math teachers, as well as a mug featuring the greatest first lines of literature ever, which your English professor or librarian is sure to love. Be sure to check out our line of “Booklovers’ Mugs” as well, which features covers of various classic novels.


2. Stationery/Planner — Okay, so maybe this isn’t the most exciting gift, but you might be surprised at how much your teacher appreciates it! Beautiful stationery or a highly-functional planner is something a teacher is sure to use, and limited budgets sometimes make these kinds of items outside their reach. Your local HPB has a wealth of stationery, journals, planners and calendars.


3. Fan-Based Merchandise — Classrooms are where teachers express their passions. Look around your teacher’s room and see what makes them tick. You might find that they have a favorite team, show, movie, etc. HPB has tons of fan merchandise, from Doctor Who to DC Superheroes, which teachers can use to decorate their classroom walls, bookshelves or desks.


4. Adult Coloring Books — One of the most interesting book trends as of late has been the growing popularity of coloring books for adults. Teachers are often a crafty or artistic bunch, plus they can sometimes be a bit stressed, so this is a thoughtful way to express creativity and relieve tension. The coloring books and colored pencils pictured here are available in HPB stores nationwide.


5. Half Price Books Gift Card — Most educators love books, and we happen to have lots of those! Plus we have movies, music, gifts and more, of course. If you’re not sure what to get your favorite teacher, go with a gift card to a great store (ok, so I’m a little biased!). You can buy an HPB gift card in any of our stores as well as online!


Always remember to thank your teachers and other educators for the work they do. Plus, spread the word about HPB’s Educator Appreciation Weekend, which starts today, October 8th! Find more details on our website.

Jason is the Email Coordinator at Half Price Books Corporate.

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