The Books of Orange is the New Black

This post may contain spoilers. If you’re still working your way through this season…hurry!

Figuring I was the last person to do so, I finally broke down and signed up for Netflix earlier this year. Since then, I haven’t left my house. (Kidding! Sort of.) There are just so many fabulous shows to watch!

One of those great shows is Orange is the New Black. With the Emmys coming up this Sunday, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the bookish things that have happened with the ladies of Litchfield.

Books are a constant throughout the show. After all, your entertainment options are limited when you’re in lock-up! Over the years, we’ve seen the ladies reading a little bit of everything, including classics like Emma, Oliver Twist and Moby Dick, and newer titles like Gone Girl, The Help and The Fault in Our Stars.

As usual, this season (which I am still finishing, because Half Price Books likes me to take a break and come to work) as usual, books have played quite the prominent entertainment role at the prison. There is a very unfortunate bed bug outbreak that leads to Tastee and Poussay, everyone’s favorite prison librarians, hosting a book funeral, or as they deem it, “The Ultimate Book Return.” It is here Blanca says what many a booklover feels:


Season 3 also features Suzanne’s “debut” as an author, when she starts writing The Time Hump Chronicles, a very raunchy tale that takes the prison by storm, à la Fifty Shades of Grey. (We’ll skip the details here to keep this blog PG!) It’s nice to see Suzanne contributing to the prison community as well as the celebrity status she gains from her writing.

Here’s hoping the Litchfield residents keep reading for many more seasons to come. Watch the Emmys this Sunday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. on FOX to see if OITNB is a big winner!

Emily is Public Relations Manager at Half Price Books Corporate.

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