Ready to FALL in Love With These New TV Series

Now that Summer is finally drawing to a close, we’re fast approaching one my favorite times of the year: TV premiere season! Each year, TV networks and production studios work hard to create the next FriendsER, or Breaking Bad—that series that becomes the can’t-miss event, the topic of water-cooler (or, in 2014, Facebook) discussion, and this year’s entry in the cultural zeitgeist. With some of this year’s crop of new shows already premiering next week, I wanted to sort out the contenders (see below) from the pretenders (Debra Messing, I love you, but The Mysteries of Laura screams “early cancellation”). So let’s get started!

How to Get Away With Murder (premieres Thursday, September 25th at 9c on ABC)

Shonda Rhimes is destined for another runaway hit with this sizzling legal drama, set to premiere right after the buzz-worthy Scandal. Viola Davis’s Annalise Keating, a no-nonsense law professor leading a pack of attractive (but mysterious) students as law clerks who get caught up in a murder plot. Intrigue! Passion! Mystery! Beautiful people! You know it’s going to be amazing…

Gotham (premieres Monday, September 22nd at 7c on FOX)

Call me crazy, but Commissioner Gordon has always been the most interesting character in the Batman universe. In this dark and gritty series, we learn more about the commish in a pre-Batman world. We’ll see some familiar faces, though, including the Caped Crusader, as well as Catwoman, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and even The Penguin. Ben McKenzie has come a long way from The OC days!

Black-ish (premieres Wednesday, September 24th at 8:30c on ABC)

Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Laurence Fishburne, as the comic relief, no less? This will either succeed with flying colors or fail miserably, but I’m hoping for the former. Follow the Johnson family as they try to rediscover their cultural identity. My DVR is already set.

These are far from all of the shows that will be filling our screens this season, so here’s your chance to sound off! Which shows are you excited to see, or which ones do you think are dead on arrival?

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