Books Authors Read with Lindsay Cummings

YA author Lindsay Cummings will stop by our Dallas Flagship store on Saturday, July 19 at 7 p.m. as part of the Mighty Mississippi Book Blast YA panel, joining authors Philip Siegel, Paula Stokes, Ryan Graudin and Julie Murphy. (What fun!) Hope to see you there. Lindsay’s new book, The Murder Complex, is “an action-packed, blood-soaked, futuristic debut thriller set in a world where the murder rate is higher than the birthrate.” Sounds like a page turner to me!

In honor of her stop by HPB, we asked Lindsay to share some of her favorite books with you in our “Books Authors Read” series. (Look for posts from the other Mighty Mississippi Book Blast authors soon!) Thanks for the recommendations, Lindsay! – Emily

Growing up, I was always fascinated with survival stories. My dad, a double amputee who survived Meningitis, loved to read books about humans defying the worst of odds. When I got sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I turned to survival stories, too. They helped me feel a little stronger by the time I closed the book. Here are a few of the ones that have really stuck with me through the years:

1. LEGEND by Marie Lu 

This entire trilogy blew my mind. I was so drawn in from page one to the incredible dystopian world that Marie Lu created. Told in split POVs between a military prodigy girl and a criminal street boy, LEGEND is the perfect survival story that crosses genres. Adults and teens alike will devour all three books.

2. ILLUSIVE by Emily Lloyd Jones

This YA debut is one of the coolest books I’ve ever read. It’s Ocean’s 11 meets X-Men, and every page reads like a movie. Fans of science fiction and heist stories will be dying for the next book in the series. I know I am!

3. MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH by Bethany Griffin

This retelling of Poe’s classic story is so lyrically written, but at times, the scenes are so creepy that it gives you chills. I loved this dying, diseased world, and one girl whose willpower is Katniss Everdeen-esque. Book two in the series really lays on the action. I loved it!

4. THESE BROKEN STARS by Aime Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

A killer sci-fi about a debutante girl and a young military hero who crash-land on an alien planet. This book has incredible scenery, an amazing writing style, and a love story to last the ages.

5. THE WALLED CITY by Ryan Graudin

Set to release in November 2014, this YA survival story is reminiscent of MOULIN ROUGE, and opens up readers’ eyes to the truth behind human trafficking, while giving readers a feel of exciting, action-driven scenes. I fell in love with all three points of view! Incredible story-telling.

Lindsay Cummings is the author of The Murder Complex.

You may visit her online or follow her on Twitter @authorlindsayc.

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