b(eco)me bagless.

Being kind to the environment is an important part of our mission at Half Price Books. We have always believed that “Books should fill our lives, not our land.” And we’ve tried to remain true to that premise for more than forty years.

It becomes clearer every day that we all need to work together to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. I encourage our employees, business partners and suppliers to join with us as we strive to improve the environment and conserve our natural resources.

In our stores we remind our customers to b(eco)me greener by declining plastic bags. Starting today, when a customer declines a plastic bag we will donate 5 cents to a local environmental nonprofit organization.

We hope you’ll join us in our effort to keep plastic bags out of our landfills and oceans. To read more about our b(eco)me bagless movement and to find out which nonprofit HPB is supporting in your neighborhood, visit hpb.com/eco.

Sharon Anderson Wright
President and CEO 

3 thoughts on “b(eco)me bagless.

  1. Dear Ms. Wright and HPB,I was brought up with being a steward of the earth by loving parents in the east bay. My earliest memories are recycling bottles at the local corner grocery store for a nickel each (quite a treasure which I spent on candy). That's being a kid.This is what I taught my son and his friends as I teach Earth Day is Every Day and the importance of volunteerism. I also remind the students at the school where I am a Librarian in Hayward of their carbon footprint. As the club I started begins clean-up of our school's garden, I plan to have a lesson on the importance, and of course a reading about plant botany is a must!Thank you for reminding everyone as I have been bag less since I began shopping at your stores. And, if I have a big load I bring my HPB tote with me.Happy Earth Day!

  2. Found your bagless very funny. I have been to your stores in 3 states for years and had to tell your people that I don't want a bag. In some cases I removed the books from a plastic bag at your counter only to watch your employee throw the bag in the trash can. Did you know that plastic bags came about from an environmental group trying to save trees. Didn't work out to well. It would be better served to give the 5 cents to the customer making the purchase or to an environmental group that promotes recycling and pollution reduction in the 2 dirtiest countries in the world, China and India. I have found that most nonprofit environmental groups are political front groups and/or do not understand conservation well enough to accually reduce pollution in their efforts.

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