Books Authors Read with Victoria Scott

We continue our “Books Authors Read” series with YA author Victoria Scott, who wrote The Dante Walker trilogy and recently held the launch party for her new book, Fire & Flood, at our Dallas Flagship store. Thanks, Victoria, for sharing some of your favorite books! — Emily 

My own work, while laced with fantasy, is often set in modern day, and in places we’re familiar with. So when I read, I like nothing better than to step into the opposite. I adore young adult books that whisk me away to another time and place, and make me forget I’m sipping coffee in Dallas. Here are five of my favorite books that did just that!

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

This is quite possibly my most beloved series. It’s a story about a princess who flourishes as a queen. About an underdog who triumphs. About an ugly duckling who becomes beautiful in the right person’s eyes. And don’t get me started on the settings in this series—serene stretches of desert, uninhabited islands, the reckless sea. I tell everyone I know to read these books, and you should too!

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

A book that takes place in outer space? Yes, please. I fell in love with Revis’s characters, but it was the wickedly beautiful stars, the crops growing under false lights, and the ship’s blueprint that truly swept me away. Every time I cracked open one of these books, I was no longer on earth. I was elsewhere, with Elder and Amy and a fleet of restless people bound for a world they may never reach. This pulse-pounding story is one you shouldn’t miss.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

Every time I pick up this book, I want a glass of iced tea. This southern gothic horror takes place in an old, crumbling estate by the sea. As if that wasn’t enough to hook me, a strange, nerve-rattling guy rents the main character’s guest house. I spent the better part of a week equally terrified and attracted to this guy. Is he dangerous? Is he a gentleman? I’ll never tell. But I will say this, pour yourself a glass of the South’s syrup and settle in for a mystery unlike any you’ve ever read.

The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan

Set in Paris in the late 1800s, this gothic story evokes a gloomy, foggy feel. I could practically feel the cobblestone streets beneath my heels, and the gargoyles watching my every move from the abbey eves. Morgan creates a romance in the city of love unlike any I’ve ever read. It’s part paranormal, part ball gowns and etiquette, part kick-butt fight scenes…and wholly entertaining. I can open one of Morgan’s books and within seconds that dark, dreary, enticing world falls over my shoulders once again.

Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman

This book took me on a journey to China, Angel Island, and finally, to America in the early 1920s. The main character, Jade Moon, born a Fire Horse, is one of my absolute favorite main characters. Her quest to have a voice among men takes her on a journey across the world, and I was enthralled every step of the way. I wept when she was sad, felt my blood boil when she was frustrated, and rejoiced when at last she found a makeshift home. I rarely reread books, but this is one I have no doubt will be enjoyed time and again. Go Jade!

Victoria Scott is the author of Dante Walker Trilogy and Fire & Flood Series

You may visit her online or follow her on Twitter at @VictoriaScottYA.

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