Tournament of Heroes – Sci-Fi Brackets

Presenting — our Top 32 Sci-Fi Heroes and Heroines!

ROW 1:  Ellen Ripley – Aliens, River Tam – FireFly, Seven of Nine – Star Trek: Voyager, Samos Aran, Metroid; ROW 2: Dana Scully – The X-Files, Lady Jessica – Dune, Kara”Starbuck” Thrace Battlestar Galactica, Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games; ROW 3: Turanga Leela Futurama, LeelooThe Fifth Element, Princess Leia Star Wars, River Song Dr. Who; ROW 4: Sarah Connor The Terminator, Sydney Bristow- Alias, Trinity Matrix, Tris Prior- Divergent


ROW 1:  Captain James T. Kirk – Star Trek, Arthur Dent –  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Paul Atreides – Dune, Commander Adama – Battlestar Galactica; ROW 2: Rick Deckard – Blade Runner, Dr. Who Dr. Who, Goku Dragonball, Fox Mulder The X-Files; ROW 3: Korben Dallas The Fifth Element, Marty McFlyBack to the Future, Neo Matrix, Optimus Prime Transformers; ROW 4: Philip J. Fry Futurama, Captain Reynolds – FireFly, Captain Sheridan Babylon 5, Han SoloStar Wars

So tell us, who SHOULD we have included as a Sci-Fi Hero or Heroine? Of the ones who made the tournament, who do you have going to the Final Four? The championship?

Stephanie is Art Director at Half Price Books Corporate
You can follow her on Twitter at @saltpepperpress

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