Falling in Love with Kristin Hannah

After my blog post about falling in love with author Barbara Delinsky, a customer recommended I read Kristin Hannah.  Always on the look out for a new book, I hightailed it to my local Half Price Books fiction section, also known as my second home, and found the book Comfort & Joy, by Kristin Hannah.

Comfort & Joy is a modern-day fairy tale of a woman whose life has fallen apart, and the broken family that helps her to put the pieces back together.  Joy Candellaro doesn’t know how to celebrate her first Christmas since her divorce, especially since she has discovered her ex-husband is about to get remarried—to her sister, who is also pregnant with his child.  On a whim, she decides to take a trip.  She doesn’t care where she goes as long as it is somewhere else. She ends up in a small town in Washington, where she meets Daniel and his young son, Bobby, who are also facing their first Christmas without Maggie, Bobby’s mother, who died in an automobile accident earlier that year.  In this small, broken family, Joy discovers that there is such a thing as magic, as they repair each other’s broken hearts. 

However, there is a twist to this book that I never saw coming, and that I’m not going to reveal here. You will just have to read the book.


I read Comfort & Joy in one sitting, and have already gone back to the HPB fiction section, where I picked up Kristin Hannah’s Angel Falls.  However, I will have to wait until after I finish the HPB Book Club book Fahrenheit 451, before I can read it.

So, what author have you fallen in love with?

Julie is Production Manager at Half Price Books Corporate.
You may follow her on Twitter at @auntjewey.

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