Musical Countdown to 2013 :: New Year’s Eve Playlist

Time to ring in the New Year, friends! Hopefully you all have fun plans for counting down to 2013. Just like last year, I put together a fun playlist that has a little bit of everything — new music to get excited about, classics that will make your guests smile and sing along; dance songs, love songs, quiet songs, loud songs  . . .  Enjoy! 

As always, head on over to your local HPB to look through our vinyl and CD selections, and maybe even pick up a USB turntable for the New Year. 

Which songs would you include on YOUR New Year’s Eve playlist? — Kristen 


Kristen is Public Relations Specialist at Half Price Books Corporate. 
You can follow her on Twitter at @kristendickson.


One thought on “Musical Countdown to 2013 :: New Year’s Eve Playlist

  1. Good choices – I really like the Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear songs you chose. "July Flame" is also one of the my favorite songs from that year. For parties, I always like to include "Apartment Song" by the National, as it's great in the background and upbeat enough to dance to as well. "Women's Realm" by Belle & Sebastian is another great indie dance party song.

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