Judging a Book by its Cover: The Best of 2012

Back again! The 2nd annual tribute to eye candy that is a bookstore. Out of the thousands of books that have been released in the past year, there are some that may have stopped you in your tracks and made you look twice. Through a combination of illustration, photograhy, typography and negative space, book cover designs can compell our attention. A book can suddenly beg to be picked up and opened.

Here’s my round-up of 50 of the best book cover designs to hit the shelves in the past year, including some reprinted literary classics and paperback releases, alongside brand new publications in 2012. Enjoy this collection of eye-catching book covers.

What book cover caught your eye in 2012?

Meredith is Associate Creative Director at Half Price Books Corporate.
You can follow her on Twitter at @msquare21.

2 thoughts on “Judging a Book by its Cover: The Best of 2012

  1. First of all, I love this post because I judge books by the covers quite a bit! Also, I have spent the last hour trying to read the title and author of the book with the mobile home and library card on the cover! Could someone tell me what it's called? Thanks!

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