26 New Words to Learn on National Dictionary Day

October 16th is National Dictionary Day.  Of course, October 16th makes perfect sense to be Dictionary Day since it is also the birthdate of Noah Webster, the father of the American Dictionary. 

In celebration of Dictionary Day, I’ve decided to share an alphabetical list of words I know only because I saw them in a dictionary.  Hmm, I wonder how many I can try to use while talking with someone today.

Achromatopsia – Total lack of color vision

Brevirostrate – Having a Short Nose

Clithridiate – Key-hole shaped

Dactylonomy – Counting using one’s fingers

Eccedentesiast – One who fakes a smile

FloccinaucinihilipilificationEstimation that something is valueless.

Gargalesthesia – The sensation caused by tickling

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian – pertaining to a very, very long word

Interfenestration – The space between two windows

Jentacular – Pertaining to Breakfast

Kakorrhaphiophobia – fear of failure

Libanotophorous — producing incense

Margaritomancy — divination using pearls

Nudiustertian – the day before yesterday

Omphalopsychite – One who meditates by gazing at the navel

Pandiculation – Stretching and yawning before going to bed or after waking up

Quomodocunquize – To make money by any means possible

Rhonchisonant – making a snorting or snoring noise

Scolecophagous – One who eats worms

Tinctumutation – Chance of color

Ultrichous – Having wooly hair

Vigesimation – The act of killing every 20th person

Wasserman – Man shaped sea monster

Xenoglossia – The alleged power of a person to communicate with others in a language which he has never learned.

Yogibogeybox – materials used by a spiritualist

Zoanthropy – delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal

How many new to you words can you find today? — Crystal

P.S. Editor’s Note: When Crystal submitted this post, she said, “That was the LONGEST spell check ever!” We can see why 🙂

Crystal is Store Manager at Half Price Books Flagship in Dallas, Texas.

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