FREE John Lennon Printable Art

John Lennon would have turned 72 years old today. This year we honor this moptop with his iconic “War Is Over!” campaign. John Lennon and Yoko Ono plastered their faux newspaper campaign across the universe in December of 1969. The simple black condensed font was light on design but heavy in anti-Vietnam War messaging. Half Price Books selected three of John‘s iconic songs and redesigned them as a tribute to this wonderful artist. 

Print, frame and gift these free prints!

 So, let’s hear it, what’s your favorite John Lennon cd and song?

Leave a comment below or tweet us for your chance to win a custom print of your favorite Lennon song – made just for you.

Stephanie is Art Director at Half Price Books Corporate
You can follow Stephanie on Twitter at @saltpepperpress.

14 thoughts on “FREE John Lennon Printable Art

  1. In truth, it is incredibly hard to choose my favourite John Lennon song. He had such a way with words, and many of his songs are unique in their own right. However, the powerful message that "Imagine" brings, telling us to coexist with our fellow man regardless of nationality or religion, is still something we as a society should take to heart. John noted himself as "a dreamer", but is a dream of peace and prosperity really something to be chastised?

  2. My favorite John Lennon song is Julia. My parents named me after that song and it wasn't til later that I found out that my parents disliked John lennon because of Yoko. Oh well the song is beautiful.

  3. Imagine?Imagine if we had missed his giftmissed his lyric, missed his tune.Imagine what might have been ifthe end had not come on so soon.Would we be near the world he dreamedthe love imagined, the peace he planned?It still can happen it still can be.Imagine it people, imagine all you can.

  4. Imagine is,in my sons opinion, the greatest song by Lennon. He turns 18 Dec.2nd and a poster would be,the,ultimate birthday gift.

  5. John Lennon, I was 14 years old and a troubled, inquisitive black kid. When the Beatles came into my life, they took me away to a place I never knew but it centered me, started me on a lifetime quest for the truth, love, honesty, expansion, and exploration attached me to an ancient, akashic journey. His music was and is a part of the soundtrack of my life. The day he past on was confusing to me. I am beginning to understand a life on it's in path.

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