Raising Backyard Chickens

It’s National Chicken Month and today we honor the well-loved bird. Chickens not only provide nutritious and delicious eggs but they are easy to take care of and make wonderful pets. Imagine stepping outside of your backdoor, being greeted by a flock of hens and returning to your house with handfuls of fresh eggs. Having backyard chickens is becoming an increasingly popular movement alongside farmers’ markets and urban gardening. Raising chickens in your own backyard helps connect you to your food source, offers a way to get back to nature, and provides a garden oasis from the urban surroundings. 

Below are some fun chicken facts and great books to get you started on your own flock of feathery friends.

Have you ever had a pet chicken or eaten a fresh backyard egg? We would love to hear your stories. Leave us a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter. – Stephanie

Stephanie is Art Director at Half Price Books Corporate (and proud chicken mama to Maple, Waffle and Sausage Patty, as pictured above — photos by Briana Wollman.) 

You can follow Stephanie on Twitter at @saltpepperpress.

One thought on “Raising Backyard Chickens

  1. While my brother and I worked on his research project, we learned that chickens are a huge part of sustainable gardening. They eat pests, till the soil and create organic fertilizer. The bonus is the delicious eggs one gets to enjoy.Making chickens a part of your own at home garden is a great way to combat the unsustainability of Industrial Agriculture!Go chickens!!!

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