One-Hit Wonder Playlist

Oh, the times I have failed when someone has asked me, “Who is the original artist of this song?”

Of course, I have convinced myself that they are asking this question because they’d like to hear the song rather than hinting that I shouldn’t be singing it. 

I have found that no song can get stuck in your head like a One-Hit Wonder.  After listening only a few times, you may very well know many of the words – but, you most definitely have the chorus memorized, and sing it in your car or in the shower like you are starring in your own rock concert.  (Note to everyone: Singing alone in the car or shower will prevent being asked the question “Who sings this song?”)

Here are 15 of my favorite One-Hit Wonders.  I can’t see into the future, but I predict you will want to sing along to some!

(1) Nena, 99 Luftballoons (2) Europe, The Final Countdown (3) Carl Douglas, Kung Fu Fighting (4) Vicki Sue Robinson, Turn the Beat Around (5) Belle Stars, Iko Iko (6) Taco, Puttin On the Ritz (7) Toni Basil,  Mickey (8) Tom Cochrane, Life is a Highway (9) Blind Melon, No Rain (10) Soft Cell, Tainted Love (11) Lipps Inc., Funkytown (12) 4 Non Blondes, What’s Up (13) The Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star (14) M , Pop Muzik (15) Bobby Boris Pickett, Monster Mash

What’s your favorite One Hit Wonder? — Crystal

Crystal is Store Manager at Half Price Books Flagship in Dallas, Texas.

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