Meet the Bibliomaniac: Grady Dickinson

Vinyl Record Day is this Sunday, August 12, so in this month’s Meet the Bibliomaniac post, we wanted to talk to one of our bibliomaniacs (or vinylmaniac?) to learn about his love of vinyl.  Meet Grady!

Name: Grady Dickinson

Job Title:   Shift Leader at Country Club Corner in Oklahoma City

When did you join the HPB team? April 2009

When and how did you first develop a love of vinyl? I probably started getting into records when I was around 16. Most of the bands I was into were underground, independent bands that only put their music out on vinyl format. Good ole 7″.

How big is your vinyl collection? I’d guess several hundred. I have them in crates in my room along one wall. I’m still buying them and don’t plan to get rid of any.

What is your favorite record in your collection? Probably a promo copy of Kill ‘Em All by Metallica which was actually the first album I bought from Half Price Books. The first album I ever bought – and I still have it – was a 7″ of Corrosion of Conformity.

What is the most interesting LP that has come through HPB? We did see a cool Bunny Wailer Japanese import come across the counter.  

Anything else to add? I’m happy that records are making a comeback. Did you know you can buy record players at Target now? (And at HPB too!)


What about you guys – do you have a record player?  Own any vinyl?  Tell us in the comments section!


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