6 Ways to “Replay” Your Old Records

Sunday is Vinyl Record Appreciation Day (according to the Chase’s Calendar, our official source for holidays and birthdays). Where do we even begin talking about the greatness of vinyl records?! And what better way to celebrate Vinyl Record Day than to talk about some great ways to recycle your beloved but (sadly) unplayable records. From decorative bowls to wearable bracelets, here are several creative ways to replay (repurpose) your scratched records.

1 bowl / 2 wine rack / 3 coasters / 4 wall clock / 5 bookends / 6 bracelet

We would love to see how you replay your old records– tweet us a picture of your vinyl revamp using the #hpblab hashtag!

— Stephanie

One thought on “6 Ways to “Replay” Your Old Records

  1. You're going to laugh, but I'm using a whole batch I purchased from Half Price last year as planters. In this case, they're planters for carnivorous plants, designed to be attached to the insides of large terraria. Best of all, by the time I'm done, they don't resemble records any more.

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