Top 22 Books to Give for Birthdays

It is no mystery that Half Price Books is celebrating its 40th birthday this year — the big day is next Friday, actually! Since we have both BOOKS and BIRTHDAYS on the brain these days, we thought it would be fun to put the two together and round-up some recommendations specifically for a few hard-to-shop-for birthday boys and girls in our lives. 

 (Of course, HPB gift cards always make great gifts too, for the treasure-hunting loved one whose favorite activities include browsing HPB bookshelves.)  

For the sleuth little sister who loves chemistry, fingerprints, ballistics and magnifying glasses:  


For the macabre grandpa who shows a little too much enthusiasm for cats, opera, poisons and morgues:


For the aunt who likes everything in its place, including her stripes and her polka dots:


For the boy scout little brother who hopes that book smarts will save him from that bear over there:


For the college sophomore cousin who has just rediscovered fairy tales and fables in World Lit:


For the decorator uncle who loves books so much he has to have them on his walls too:


Any loved ones in your life you’d like book recommendations for? Let us know — we’ll be happy to help out 🙂 In the meantime, have you signed our birthday card on Twitter yet? You’ll be entered to win a $40 gift card! 

— Kristen D.  

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