Countdown to Summer: 4 Fallen Angel Teen Fiction Series

Since we’ve already covered vampires in teen romance series, let’s visit the flip side: teen romances featuring fallen angels. But don’t be fooled. These fallen angels can be just as dangerous, mysterious and passionate as vampires.
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick starts with teenager Nora Grey being interested in anything but romance. Everything changes however, when a mysterious guy named Patch becomes her lab partner. Nora can sense that Patch is dangerous, but is still drawn to him in some inexplicable way. Nora finds herself in the middle of a war between the immortal and the fallen angels and discovers that she might not be as human as she once thought. The series continues with somewhat musical titles: Crescendo is the second book, Silence the third, and Finale the fourth and final book, which is expected to be published later this year.
In Fallen by Lauren Kate, Luce Price is a teenager at a very strict boarding school in Savannah, Georgia. One day, she meets a mysterious guy, Daniel, who is your typical bad boy. Unfortunately for Luce, Daniel wants nothing to do with her, but Luce just can’t quite give up. She is determined to find out what makes Daniel tick and finds out he’s a fallen angel who chose to side with neither God nor Satan at the beginning of time. The fourth book in the series, Rapture, is coming out in just a few short weeks!
Unearthly is a series by Cynthia Hand which features Clara Gardner, a teenager who has recently discovered she is part angel. Through her discovery, Clara learns she has superhuman abilities and has been put on Earth with a purpose. Unfortunately, she can’t quite figure out what that purpose is. While trying to figure it out, Clara falls for two different guys and faces a difficult choice. The second book in the series, Hallowed, was published earlier this year and the third book is expected to be published some time in 2013.
In The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski, after turning 18, Aaron starts to hear voices (even the voice of his dog!) and thinks he’s going insane. He’s an orphan, so he doesn’t know anything about his family history, or even who he can trust. But, he soon learns the truth about who he really is: a Nephilim, or the son of a mortal and an angel. Aaron learns his fate is to redeem the fallen angels and send them back to Heaven. At first he resists, but eventually he gives in and goes on the journey of his life. Check out this series if you’re interested in fallen angel series from the male perspective.
Thanks for tuning in to our Countdown to Summer series of Teen Fiction recommendations! If you missed any of the previous series, (or maybe Fallen Angel Teen Romance isn’t quite your style), check these out: 4 Vampire Romance Teen Fiction Series, 4 Dystopian Young Adult Series, or 4 SciFi/Fantasy Young Adult Series.

— Kristen B.

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