Fiction Review: The Third Gate

These days it seems you can’t walk into a bookstore without seeing a book that was authored or co-authored by Lincoln Child. His newest, The Third Gate, was released today and the publisher, Doubleday, was kind of enough to send over a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After a terrible car accident, Jennifer Rush was dead for 14 minutes before she made a miraculous recovery and came back to life. After her near death experience, she became psychic… to the next level. She knew what you were going to do before you even did. She also started making crossovers and channeling the dead. After Porter Stone, a very rich and famous man, discovered her talents, he decided that he wanted her to help him figure out exactly where the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Narmer, was buried with many treasures in The Sudd, a vast swamp in Africa. Unfortunately, all didn’t go as planned and inexplicable strange accidents, such as electrocutions and power surges, began occurring. So, Stone also hired Jeremy Logan, a history professor by day and an enigmalogist by night, to help ease the minds of the other workers and figure out what exactly is happening. Logan has worked all over the world discovering explaining strange phenomena, but this case this has him stumped. Nothing seems to add up and Logan is determined to figure out why before it’s too late.

Child’s newest work is an interesting cross between science fiction and thriller. And although there’s not a ton of action in this book, it has just enough intrigue to keep one reading late into the night.

What paranormal/sci-fi thrillers would you recommend? 

— Kristen B.  

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