Reading Lists 101

Summer is almost here, and that means traveling, pool parties, lazy days of lounging, and… required school reading?! We know that finding those assigned books can be tricky, and HPB wants to do our best to make the search easier. So tell us, educators…

Let us know which books and authors your classrooms will be reading this summer (Dickens? Dostoyevsky? du Maurier?) by filling out our Reading Lists 101 form and bringing it to your favorite HPB store. Our stores will do their best to build summer and required reading displays most relevant to what local schools are reading. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll have the titles in stock, knowing classrooms’ required reading lists will help us to select and group together the most sought-after books, and our Bibliomaniacs will be better equipped to assist students in their search.
Is there a book that you were required to read for school that turned out to be an all-time favorite? How about one that you can’t believe isn’t on required reading lists? Let us know in the comments! 

— Kate

2 thoughts on “Reading Lists 101

  1. I was required to read The Catcher in the Rye when I was in high school, and it is now one of my favorite books. I love findng old editions of it and I've bought two at Half Price Books so far!

  2. I remember having to read Animal Farm, NIGHT, and a Sherlock Holmes adventure as a freshman, Fahrenheit 451 as a junior and Brave New World as a senior. I absolutely loved all of these and have never forgotten them since I read them so long ago. I hope they never stop teaching these in school as they are classics and have a message that need not be forgotten. It made also me the Holmes fan I am today.

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