Countdown to Summer: 4 Vampire Romance Teen Fiction Series

Summer is so close, yet still so far away. It’s a great time to start looking for what books to get caught up in while most of your days are free. Or if you’re like me and are out of school, then what books you’ll be reading while dreaming of the beach.

All kinds of teen paranormal romance series have been flying off our shelves since the debut of Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight. If you’re a fan of teen paranormal romance novels, be on the lookout for some of these titles next time you’re in your local HPB store.

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith was originally published as a trilogy, but after an outstanding debut back in 1991 and pressure from fans, the series exploded from there, launching several spinoff series, including The Return, The Hunters, and Stefan’s Diaries. Throughout the series, we follow Elena, a teenager who is torn between her love for two different vampires, Stefan and Damon, who happen to be brothers. If the books don’t quench your thirst for vampires, check out the CW television series that is loosely based off the novels.
The Last Vampire is an eight-part vampire series by Christopher Pike, which has recently been re-done into omnibus edition entitled Thirst. The novels follow the life of a 5,000 year old vampire, Sita, who believes that she is the last vampire and enlists in a public high school, where she falls in love with a mortal. Sita discovers that she’s being stalked and needs to figure out who it is. It’s a little bit slower-paced than most teen vampire novels, but Pike is successful in debunking old vampire myths and stereotypes.
In The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, you’ll find a lot more than just vampires lurking in the shadows. Clary, a teenage girl, goes to a club with her friend Simon, where she meets a boy named Jace and then witnesses a murder. Clary is quickly pulled into a world she never knew existed… one filled with demons, vampires, and werewolves, oh my! Clary becomes a Shadowhunter, or a human that kills demons. This is one series that you’ll definitely want to start at the beginning with The City of Bones. Are you already a fan of these books? The fifth book in the series, The City of Lost Souls, was just published last week!
Last but not least, dive into the teen fiction series Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Rose is a seventeen year old dhampir (a child of a vampire father and a human mother) who is in training at St. Vladimir’s Academy to become a guardian for her friend and Moroi Princess, Lissa. While learning how to defeat Strigoi (evil undead vampires), Rose falls in love with her instructor, Dimitri Belikov, while sharing a one-sided psychic bond with Lissa. There are only six books in the series, but if you don’t want the series to end, never fear. The spinoff series which starts with Bloodlines continues story from the point of view of Sydney Sage, a girl who helps out Rose in the Vampire Academy series.
Hungry for more? Next up in our “Countdown to Summer” — 4 Dystopian Young Adult Series, because let’s be honest: not everyone is a fan of vampires and romance.

— Kristen B.

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