May’s New Releases on DVD & Blu-Ray

If there isn’t much to excite you in the theaters right now, maybe it’s a good time to catch up on some movies at home. There are some good titles coming out in the month of May that are worth watching.
W.E. (May 1 release) – Most movie fans by this point have seen the Best Picture winner, The King’s Speech. If you ever wanted to know more about the story of Bertie’s brother, Edward, this is one to catch for sure. This film, written and directed by Madonna, may surprise a lot of people. Don’t expect a straightforward historical film here, but a well thought out love story.
The Grey (May 15 release) – This film starring Liam Neeson hit the theatres earlier this year to mixed reviews. It’s about a plane crash in the wilderness and the struggle to survive afterwards. The scenes with wolves are a bit beyond reality, so don’t take this film too literally.   
The Woman in Black (May 22 release) – Harry Potter returns! Sort of. And as a lawyer no less. Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a man having trouble dealing with his wife’s death, who is sent to settle the estate of one Mrs. Drablow. Kipps discovers the house is haunted by the ghost of a woman in black, and the townspeople want him gone before he discovers their deadly secret. A great ghost story!
Red Tails (May 22 release) – A film by Lucasfilm, Red Tails is about the Tuskegee airmen in WW2. Although the special effects were good, there is much more that could have been done with the story. A moving subject, but I really can’t put this one in the “great” category. I guess this is the sort of film I have come to expect from George Lucas lately.
Well, those are some of the new releases coming out and my two cents on their merits. Also be sure to look for some movies being re-released in Blu-Ray format this month. For starters, grab a copy of the entertaining Men In Black II (2002) and the incredible Being John Malkovich (1999).
Enjoy the movies! — Jim

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