Win a $25 HPB gift card for Mother’s Day

We recently posted some great suggestions for Mom’s Day, but if you are like me, you haven’t had time yet to order, shop or browse — and Sunday is fast approaching. Don’t panic; you still have time to get the perfect gift! It’s a gift filled with imagination, possibility and nearly unlimited choices–it’s a Half Price Books gift card, of course! And now through May 13, when you buy a $25 card for her (or anyone else you love…even if it’s yourself!) you can get a $5 HPB card to use in the future!

But you aren’t here for small talk, are you? I bet you’d love to win a $25 HPB gift card? It’s simple; in the comments section below, let us know the best suggestion for what Mom should buy with her HPB gift card.  We’ll draw a winner on Friday, May 11 at Noon CST.

I can’t wait to see what you suggest!

— Becky

46 thoughts on “Win a $25 HPB gift card for Mother’s Day

  1. If you were lucky enough to find it in any of the HPB locations near – E.L. James' "Grey" series seems to be high on a lot of ladies' lists right now.

  2. My mom would love to go buy her books. She loves the Eternal Guardians and sarah Dessen books. She likes fiction books. She deserves a break from us kids and work. She says reading is her brake and away to get away.

  3. more origami design books, to make me something pretty; everyone at work will be jealous, and a HPB bag for all her other book buys

  4. My mom would buy anything on Soap Operas. Her favorite actress is Susan Lucci.She just bought her book from Half Price!

  5. My mom has Celiac Disease, which means she can't process gluten. I'd hope she gets more gluten-free cookbooks, but I'd bet she'd find more books to help her get another Master's in religion. Here's hoping for more chocolate cake!

  6. My mom is always doing crafts and DIY projects. I think a bag of craft books would keep her plenty busy over summer!

  7. Jane Austen collection! The pocket sized hardcovers I've seen at the Lewisville Half Price Books are so nice and would fit into her purse for good reading during lunch breaks (or anywhere else really!)

  8. I think my mother would enjoy Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. Great stories that I could imagine the author telling with a straight face while the rest of us laugh hysterically.

  9. My mom (better known these days as Gramma) is going to Disney World next January with all her grandsons. Wandering over to the Travel section to pick up some extra trip guides for the Happiest place on Earth would be a great way to crash a gift card!

  10. Anything she wants. She deserves it. She bakes, does arts and crafts, takes care of my 4 year old daughter and 6 cats, 2 dogs, 1 gerbil, and 1 cockatiel. I do my best but she far exceeds me in every way. She also loves going to the local HPB (giving you guys free publicity, lol)

  11. I think my mom would be interested in Jacqueline Kennedy's Historic Conversations On Life With JFK. (I would just loan her my Fifty Shades series, IF she could handle it.)

  12. First Mothers–a collection of biographies of the women who shaped Presidents. Maybe she could get some pointers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. She should buy The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen because we always seem to have the same book on our night stands.

  14. We frequent all the Dallas stores. My wife would buy anything from her fav authors and anything on Organic Gardening.

  15. I think Mom should buy Barefoot Season by Susan Mallery or the Inn Boonsboro books that are available by Nora Roberts. Both are contemporary fiction and are great stories.

  16. I just read Sue Grafton's V is for Vengeance. Kinsey Milhone is a scrappy, sharp and funny protagonist. All women were would enjoy getting to know her!

  17. A great Mom gift would be some local history books to fill out the story of our family who came from Germany to the Cleveland area about 160 years ago. I've browsed the shelves recently and there are city, county and state books that would be very informative.

  18. My mom's about to head out on vacation so she needs some good beach reads! Preferably something funny since she works so hard and this is her chance to relax!

  19. Trying to leave less of a footprint, anything with natural cleaning and home remedies advice. Also cookbooks. Who doesn't want more cookbooks?

  20. My mom loves to read (I guess that's where I get it from)! She would probably buy something by her favorite authors, like Stephen King (if her collection still needs it), in any case she would put it to quick, great use (HPB gift cards are always appreciated in this family)!

  21. My mom would buy anything on gardening or soap making. If a copy of Soap Making and Other Obsessions was in that would be it for sure.

  22. My mom is going back to college so anything that is fun reading, ie not textbooks, is ideal! Or whatever her book club book of the month is ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. My mom is so busy. My brother was in remission from cancer and had his leg amputated but now has been back in the hospital for over four weeks. My mom goes to the hospital and then goes to work and then takes care of me. She loves anything by Nicholas Sparks. This would be a good book for her to read at the hospital. She is reading all the time. She reads more than anybody else that I know.

  24. Mom would love the James Rollins book "Bloodline" and the new one coming out in June called "The Eye of God". James Rollins is one of the best authors out there and we both love his books! They're fact-filled with a little bit of make believe.

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