5 Nature Books for Kids

Gearing up for Earth Day this Sunday (April 22) and need a way for kids to get involved and excited about nature? Start with these five children’s picks and dig in!

1) 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth by The Earthworks Group – An optimistic look at the future, offering straightforward ideas for kids to reduce their resource consumption and start taking better care of Mother Nature.

2) Ecoart!: Earth-Friendly Art and Craft Experiences for 3-To 9-Year-Olds by Laurie Carlson– Great for younger kids (with parent supervision), this eco-conscious guide suggests dozens of fun and easy crafts that can be created with items lying around the house – or around the yard. Not sure what do with that empty milk jug? Want to try something new with the weeds you pulled last weekend? This book has ideas for everyone.

3) Recycle! by Gail Gibbons – This book makes the sometimes-confusing concept of recycling easy to understand for elementary age kids. Pictures and straightforward explanations detail the process of recycling from sorting used cans, bottles and paper to the new products these reused materials eventually create. Focusing on five major types of recyclables, Recycle! teaches kids what types of items they can help save from landfills.

4) The Kids’ Nature Book: 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities and Experiences by Susan Milord – Organized in calendar format, this book offers children and parents great ideas for getting outside and observing what’s going on around them no matter the time of year. Learn about and watch birds flying south for the winter, and discover why many plants bloom in the spring while studying the saplings at the local park.

5) Fun With Nature: Take Along Guide by Mel Boring – A beginner’s field guide for kids, this book is great to take along on a family walk, camping in the woods, or even to the museum. Children can look up the types of worms, frogs, and squirrels (oh my!) they spot outside and learn more about what these animals eat and their preferred habitat. Also sprinkled throughout are several project ideas – from building rabbit refuges to making a stained glass animal.

Do you remember your favorite nature books from your childhood, or know of any great books to teach kids about the importance of our Earth? Let us know in the comments!

Also… don’t miss your chance to have a tree named in honor of a booklover you love. Learn more about our Plant It for the Planet event and how you can nominate someone. Get your green thumbs on the keyboard and enter now. Deadline is Monday!

— Kate

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