Titanic Returns to Theaters in 3D

Normally I wouldn’t make too big of deal about a re-release of a movie, but in this case it’s 3D and it is, after all, one of my all-time favorites  . . . TITANIC! I will check this out for sure.

I am going into this knowing James Cameron will have nit-picked every detail, making the transition to 3D nothing short of miraculous (unlike some movies, like last year’s Clash of The Titans, which added 3D during post-production but seemed nothing more than a gimmicky afterthought). I expect to be literally immersed in the story of Jack and Rose. Since the studio spent more than $80 million doing the transfer, it ought to be 3D perfection and probably will set a new standard, just as Avatar did a few years ago.

Of course, the timely re-release of this movie coincides with the Centennial Anniversary of the day the Titanic sank in 1912. A lot of people went to see Titanic when it was released in theaters 15 years ago, and I went to see it multiple times (you can count me in for 6 viewings that I can remember). Now, 15 years later, there’s an entire generation of teenagers that have not yet had the opportunity to experience this film on the big screen. It makes me wonder what it will do at the box office all over again. Even my 11 year old niece has informed me I have to take her to go see Titanic 3D in theaters.

Check out this interview with James Cameron, talking about the making of Titanic 3D.

Funny, I haven’t really touched on the movie itself. It was nominated for 14 Oscars and won 11, including Best Picture. There have always been critics who challenge whether Titanic is worthy of all the accolades. It’s a wonderful film and needs to be experienced on the big screen. Titanic is one of those films that makes you say: “This is why I go to the movies.” If you’ve got the VHS or DVD of the film at home, but haven’t seen it on the big screen, be sure to go. You will be happy you did.

See you at the movies, and please… no talking or texting during the feature presentation.

— Jim

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